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Logic's "The College Dropout" Tour @ Gallagher Square in San Diego

Photos by: Samantha Madnick

Words by: Rudy Flores

Thursday night at Gallagher Square behind PetCo Park in Downtown San Diego had everyone hyped as concert-goers got into their spots early, either on the field or jammed up against the barricade, for Logic's "College Park" tour featuring Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia fame. As guests entered the venue they received a very nice patch commemorating the tour's 22nd stop, and according to the concert poster, the 2nd to last stop on the cross country tour. They hit venues all across the nation starting in Madison, Wisconsin back on the 25th of May and ending June 30th in Phoenix, Arizona. And let's just say, that if Thursday night's performance was any indication of the 21 shows prior... people definitely got their money's worth out of the 33 year old lyrical genius from Gaithersburg, Maryland!

Before Logic hit the stage, Juicy J hopped on the mic, donning a look that fans of the horror film "Silence of the Lambs" would recognize instantly. Yup, you guessed it, he was wearing a version of the "hug me" jacket and mask combo that was made "movie" famous by Sir Anthony Hopkins. A killer look that made sense judging by the crowds response to the 11 song set featuring 5 of Three 6's big hits including, "Sippin On Some Syrup" and the crowd favorite "Slob On My Knob". I overheard several fans at the show saying "He KILLED it!! The vibe was definitely an interesting one as people in the crowd went from your "garden variety normal folks" to "Hip-Hop GaNgStErS" throwing their collective hands in the air, some of them holding their fingers in the shape of guns because you gotta complete the look right? "Wanksta's" aside, (geez there's a word I never thought I'd type out for a review) EVERYONE was having the time of their lives as they jammed out to Juicy's set.

The show paused for a bit as the set changed for Logic and when it was said and done, we were transported to the basement where he spent his early days writing lyrics and dreaming what was to be in the furure. One of the set pieces that was mentioned was the couch that Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, a.k.a Bobby Tarantino, a.k.a. Logic (amongst other names) slept on for quite some time while he was trying to "make it".

The 30+ song set was a mix of old and new, spanning his nearly decade long career in Hip-Hop. The crazy thing is that even with a set so vast, Logic's DJ was still able to come out play us a number of songs that were all bangers that DIDN'T make the almost 2 hour setlist! One of the hits that DID make it was his breakout (mainstream breakout anyway) single off the 2017 album "Everybody", called "1-800-273-8255". The anti-suicide track garnered "Young Sinatra" an 8x platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The song really grabs you by the heart as you listen to the lyrics that unfortunately many people can relate to.

Side Note: If you you're thinking about hurting yourself and need some help PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do everything you can to get it, because YOU MATTER! All you gotta do is text or call 988 and someone will do their very best to help you get through it. Life's rough out there friends and a lot of crazy shit happens, but just know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE OUT THERE!

During the show, Logic stopped to grab something from an audience member that was actually pretty dope. A fan made a crochet doll of Logic that he said was so cool that he was going to give it to his son. As a sign of his appreciation, Logic made sure that his tour manager saw the young lady so that she could be given 1 of every piece of merch that he had for sale that night. Which when I walked by the stand was quite a bit. TALK ABOUT A COME UP!

He stopped the show again shortly after that but for an entirely different reason. We had ourselves a case of D&D... NO, not Dungeons and Dragons, cause that would be super weird to have going on at a Hip-Hop show. The D&D I'm referring to was a fan being DRUNK & DISORDERLY. It got so bad to the point that Logic had to have him removed from the front row. As he was being carted off by security, you could hear Logic ordering the fully packed house... or field as it were, to "BOO THIS MAN!". I honestly thought this was a great decision and hopefully it would serve as a lesson to other people in the audience to (pretend I'm saying this in Samuel L. Jackson's voice) NOT ACT LIKE ASSHOLES WHEN PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO ENJOY A SHOW DAMMIT!

*Sorry no F-Bomb here lol!

Overall, I would highly recommend attending a live performance by Logic. It's even better if you get the chance to see him in a smaller venue, as there's no guarantee he will do another tour like this in the future. He put on a great performance and reminded us of all the great songs we may have forgotten we loved so much!


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