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Photos by: Samantha Madnick

Words by: Rudy Flores

Belly-Up Tavern in Solana Beach CA was buzzing with fans Monday night as John Hiatt and The Jerry Douglas Band were set to hit the stage for their set. The folksy-blues man with a mastery of many genres is on tour promoting his latest album titled "Leftover Feelings" with The Jerry Douglas Band which dropped earlier this year.

Jerry and the guys jumped up first with "Unfolding" which definitely unfolded to reveal what a group of extremely talented musicians could do. A cross between bluegrass and classical the composition was absolutely beautiful. The chemistry on stage between each of the musicians was the kind most bands dream of. They played off each other as if they had been doing so since birth. The complexity and emotion of each note could be felt throughout the crowd. Nothing textbook here just utterly INSANE musicianship! A definite must see.

When John Hiatt took to the stage he got right into his set with a solo offering named "That Thing You Need, I'm Gonna Get It For You" followed by a little something from the new album entitled "Long Black Electric Cadillac" which he brought Jerry and the guys back out to accompany him. John's gravely voice lent so much character and depth to every lyric. With every song sung a story was vividly told that could easily be the soundtrack of someone's life....or at the very least an artsy "coming of age" style movie. As he moved through his catalog sprinkling in new and classic offerings like 1988's "Slow Turning", 1983's "Mississippi Phone Booth" or 1993's "Perfectly Good Guitar" the audience members swayed back and forth in their seats evermore entranced by Mr. Hiatt's infectious smile and moving sound.

With 17 songs in all not to mention the 2 song encore of "Have A Little Faith In Me" and "Riding With The King" John, Jerry and the band definitely gave everyone their money's worth. It was a night full of fun stories and great music! A night to remember for sure.


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