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All Time Low @ Humphreys Concerts by the Bay

Photos by: Samantha Madnick

Words by: Rudy Flores

Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay is once again the hot spot as All Time Low along with Dan Swank and Kalie Shorr hit the stage for an evening of good times and great music!

Up first is Dan Swank, a solo artist out of Pittsburgh, currently living in Nashville that is living the dream of not only touring with but also performing with one of his favorite bands All Time Low. His sound is a strong mix of Jason Mraz and a bit of Bright Eyes (Lover I Don't Have to Love). His short set was sure to have listeners scrambling to find him on Spotify. Dan stood alone on that stage but he was most definitely NOT alone as he had everyone in attendance in the palm of his hand. His is a voice to remember.

Up next is another Nashville transplant by the name of Kalie Shorr. The 27 year old country turned punk/pop artist hopped on stage and immediately took control of it. Infectious guitar riffs, great drums, fun lyrics, and solid vocals made Kalie and company a force to be reckoned with. Her cover of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" was perfect for her voice that blended the gruff essence of The Pretty Reckless and kind of fittingly enough the sweetness of Taylor Swift...especially since she riffed into "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" after one of her own refrains.

During her set a member of the audience collapsed and Kalie stopped her set completely and without hesitation as security came in to help get the situation under control. Luckily the gentleman was ok and it wasn't a repeat of the horrible events that took place during the Travis Scott show at AstroWorld that took the lives of 9 people. He was escorted to first aid and is doing fine.

This was Kalie's last night on tour with All Time Low and she left it all on the stage for the masses to consume. You can pick up her latest album Open Book: Unabridged on her site.

Now it's time for the main even as All Time Low took the stage! Jumping right into "Some Kind Of Disaster" off their 2020 release Wake Up, Sunshine the crowd couldn't stop themselves from screaming! The high energy performance was just the thing everyone needed after the scare from the last set. The standing room only show was now at full capacity as the sold out venue was lit up with green and purple strobes. With hands waving side to side in unison, everyone having the time of their lives...honestly it was AWESOME!! Each anthemic song drew the crowd closer and closer together and it brought back memories of a time before the pandemic when life may not have been the perfect (when is it?) but dammit if it wasn't fun!!

Unfortunately midway through the set ANOTHER incident occurred as one of the security guards went down and had to be carried out. ATL left the stage for 20ish minutes and when they returned they asked the crowd to NOT crowd surf to avoid any further injuries...good call.

The 18 song set plus 2 for the encore included hits like "Weightless", "Backseat Serenade", "Lost in Stereo", and their most recent radio smash "Monsters" which was a real crowd pleaser! During the final song of the night "Dear Maria, Count Me In", which recently gained a ton of attention on TikTok due to the fact that it is basically the PERFECT theme song to any late 80's early 90's action cartoon (seriously take a look at the way it syncs up with the original TMNT cartoon intro), guitarist Jack Barakat hopped off stage for a little crowd time, kind of like a parting gift for the fans.

As the evening drew to an end the crowd still managed to have a great time despite the non-concert craziness and you could tell that they loved everything All Time Low, Kalie Shorr and Dan Swank offered up. The night was great and both incidents were handled perfectly with calmness and professionalism. What a crazy way to end the tour, but hey THAT'S ROCK-AND-ROLL FOR YA!

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