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Todrick Hall "Femuline" Tour @ HOB San Diego

Photos by: Samantha Madnick

Words by: Rudy Flores

Tuesday night brought Todrick Hall and the "Femuline" tour to San Diego for something that was part concert, part Broadway spectacular, and ALL LOVE! When the intro stated that he did not want to be defined, the crowd was pretty much like, "Duh, how can we?" Todrick is the ultimate performer with so many different styles (and costume changes) that trying to lock in on one would be like trying to bottle the could try, but it might prove futile.

Todrick quickly got to work... or "WERK," giving everything and more to the crowd, showing us all why he was a crowd favorite on "The Masked Singer"!

*To that note, allow me to do something that I don't normally do when writing, which is speak for myself. I feel like Todrick got BEYOND ROBBED in that competition. Toddy-Rock-Star blew the walls off that studio with every performance, and the fact that he didn't win was an absolute travesty...ahem...ok...OK... back to the show.

Todrick had offerings for all his listeners as he included ramped up versions of songs like "Wrong Bitch" and "Expensive" from the "Straight Outta OZ" album. When the heart-wrenching song WIG was played, it was almost as if we were invited to a performance piece as a number of the performers shared personal stories of trials, tribulations, and triumphs. It was a beautiful reminder that we are all enough, and we need to know and feel that EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The whole night's theme was one of acceptance...not just of those around us but acceptance of ourselves. That is definitely a tough concept for some of us to grasp, but the lessons that Todrick and company taught everyone (in-between booty shaking bangers and elaborate wardrobe changes) surely gave everyone in attendance the fuel and hopefully some tools to work on it and just like the last time he performed here, Todrick left the stage to cheers the likes of which could be heard from outside and it was definitely deserved. Let's just hope we don't have to wait another 3 years to be wowed again!


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