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The Re-Entry Tour @ The Observatory in San Diego

Photos by: Samantha Madnick

Words by: Rudy Flores

Thursday night at The Observatory in North Park was a buzz with concert-goers in lines around the block waiting for entry into the sold out "Re-Entry Tour" featuring A Day to Remember with Asking Alexandria and Point North. The almost 30 show tour starting in Rochester, NY and ending in St. Augustine, FL sold out so quick it made heads spin. It was only announced two weeks prior to start and with the North Park, San Diego show being a last minute addition and also selling out it's pretty impressive and a tribute to how much music means to the many fans of each band.

First up was Point North, a Pop/Punk band out of Los Angeles consisting of John Lundin on lead vocals, Sage Webber on drums, and Andy Hershey along with Niles Gregory Gibbs both on guitar. The band definitely had a following as many of the early attendees sang along and even raised a few fists in unison during their short 20 minute/ 7 song set that definitely could have gone on longer.

Next on the stage was Asking Alexandria and as the room went dark the slowly filling room went nuts with anticipation as they dove into the first song "Alone Again" from their 2021 release "See What's On The Inside" off the Better Noise Music label which was actually released about 3 weeks prior to this performance. As the amazing light and smoke show went off on stage the true fans of the band that started back in 2006 by lead guitarist Ben Bruce screamed their collective heads off showing their excitement and appreciation to the live music scene coming back in full effect. A little over halfway through their 12 song set Danny Worsnop (lead singer since dawned his acoustic guitar and jumped into "Moving On" from the 2013 "From Death to Destiny" album to roof shattering cheers and cell phone recordings aplenty. By the end of the set The Observatory had almost reached full capacity as they patiently/ impatiently waited the headliners A DAY TO REMEMBER!

As the stage hands fervently changed the set for A Day to Remember adding ramps, mics, amps and the like, the audience stayed surprisingly calm. Amongst the crowd you could see several "2nd Sucks" and ADTR shirts (clearly breaking the coveted "DO NOT wear the band shirt to see the band" rule) shuffling in and getting set for an outrageous show. As the THX theme from all those old VHS tapes we know and love played over the speakers it was GO TIME!! Kicking the proverbial door down was 2013's "Right Back at It Again" from the Common Courtesy album, which started with a bang as a huge crowd covering burst of streamers flew over the crowd and hung from the chandeliers (the chaaannndelllliiieeeeerrrr....sorry...had to do it....ahem.... for the remainder of the evening. Everyone went absolutely haywire and like we knew it would the "circle pit" formed on the floor where only the brave dare entered. It was followed promptly by the aforementioned "2nd Sucks" validating all the merchandise sales from earlier in the evening.

Mixing in old tracks with new, everyone absolutely lost their minds with each offering. Surprisingly it took 7 songs before Jeremy, Neil, Alex and Kevin gave the fans a taste of something from their latest release "You're Welcome" titled "Mindreader" from the label Fueled By Ramen, but going against the norm is nothing new for them. Let's just say that judging by the thunderous applause and screams that everyone in attendance thought it was a hit!

Circle pits and sing-a-longs were the theme of the night as A Day To Remember made it A Show To Remember for us all with their 18 song set and a three song encore which included the 2013 smash hit with the long name "Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail", from their Common Courtesy album) that left everyone more than satisfied! There's only a few dates left to catch The Re-Entry Tour when it comes to a city near you and make sure you check out their latest release "You're Welcome" won't regret it!

A Day To Remember

Asking Alexandria

Point North


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