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The "All My Friends" Tour

Photos by: Samantha Madnick

Words by: Rudy Flores

It's Wednesday night at the House of Blues, and it's packed early for the Asking Alexandria with Memphis May Fire, The Word Alive, and Nerv for the "All My Friends" Tour!

Speaking of Nerv, THEY'RE UP FIRST!

The band out of "Sac-Town," led by vocalist Dillon Jones (formerly of Incredible Me) alongside Jordan Grokett (guitarist), Scott Buchanan (guitarist), and Tyler Clark (drummer), started their set with "Bad Nature" from their 2022 release "I Need Help," a crowd-pleaser for sure. Their command of the stage was definitely not something you normally see with openers, as they performed like a band that has done world tours for years! Confidence in mass amounts and well-earned if you ask me! Their seven-song set boasted a few of their heavier hitters like "Low" and "Bad Habits," which they ended their set with, which, by the way, KILLED! They also have a few projects coming up real soon. "Upside Down," Nerv's next album, is due out this year with their collaboration with Awake I Am on the title track. They also have an untitled EP coming out soon too, so make sure to keep an eye out for those!

Side Note: I had the opportunity to speak with Dillon for a bit after their set, and I have to say, this guy has got to be one of the more genuinely nice artists I've ever had the opportunity to meet and a real down-to-earth dude too! Which, honestly and unfortunately, is not always the case, so that was awesome... MOVING ON!


Lead singer Telle, along with Zack Hansen (guitarist), Daniel Nelson (drums), and José DelRio (guitarist), wasted no time getting the crowd going with "2012" from Deceiver, which, funnily enough, was released in 2010. Telle's voice never misses, and tonight was no different; he hit every note clean, almost like we were listening to a recording. Everyone was giving San Diego their A-game for sure! They showcased several tracks (the majority of their set, really) from their latest album, "Hard Reset," released last August. Nocturnal Future, Slow Burn, and Hate Me were a few of the crowd's favorites for sure (wait... is it favorites or is it favs?... whatever, y'all know what I mean!) Although the whole set was nothing short of amazing! I've had the opportunity to see these guys a few times, and I will gladly jump at the opportunity to see them whenever they come to town. Like I said, "nothing short of amazing".

Up next, M&M... not that one though...

Memphis May Fire's performance was absolutely nuts, featuring gripping renditions of "The Sinner"  and "Chaotic." Matty Mullins dominated the stage with his emotionally charged lyrics and thunderous instrumentals, evoking the same passion from fans as they did when the band first formed in 2006. Throughout the entire 40-minute set, fans were crowd surfing and throwing up their rock fists (you know... these guys ) high in the air. I think it's safe to say they enjoyed the set... just a little bit. Many of Memphis Mayfire's tracks have become anthems in the metalcore scene, and beyond musical skills, their set resonated emotionally with the audience, solidifying their reputation as genre veterans.

And now for the band that everyone was waiting for—ASKING ALEXANDRIA!!

As the stage fell into darkness and a misty fog enveloped the scene, five elusive figures emerged. The show kicked off with a throwback to their early days, blasting "Closure" from their 2011 album "Reckless & Relentless." Over the years, the band's sound has shifted since their start in 2006, and despite lineup changes, including Ben Bruce's departure, the current crew—Danny Worsnop on vocals, guitarist Cameron Liddle, bassist Sam Bettley, and drummer James Cassells—AA still knows how to put on a great show! They really leaned into their heavier side this go-around, with Danny's growls and Liddle's captivating stage presence stealing the spotlight. A standout moment was a surprise duet with Telle from THE WORD ALIVE on "Into The Fire" from 2017.

Mid-set, Worsnop surprised the crowd with an acoustic rendition of BACKSTREET BOYS' "I Want It That Way," which somehow had the metalheads belting along—always a fun sight to see! This was a surprisingly good rendition of the boy band classic from '99. The acoustic interlude wrapped up with "Someone Somewhere," before the energy spiked again with crowd surfers riding the wave to the front. The night ended with the crowd favorites "The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)" and "Alone In a Room," leaving us all in awe as we made our way up the stairs and out of H.O.B. 

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