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JoJo @ HOB in San Diego

Photos by: Samantha Madnick

Words by: Rudy Flores

Sunday night at The House of Blues in Downtown, San Diego was an absolute MAD HOUSE, packed to the brim with people, and lines were wrapped around the corner to see JoJo. She is currently embarking on a MASSIVE (to say the least) world tour promoting songs off her most recent EP Trying Not to Think About It, as well as 2020’s good to know. The tour ( boasting over 40 dates) is going pretty much everywhere, from Portland to New York all the way across the pond to London, stopping off in Paris, Austria, ending in Stockholm, Sweden. Let's just say that if tonight's sultry/ high energy performance is to be any indication of how the rest of the tour is going to go, fans will definitely be in for an amazing show!

JoJo's set was a mix of originals like "Spiral SZN" , "Man" and "Gold" off the aforementioned albums as well as covers of other well known artists like Rhianna's "Love on the Brain" and "Marvin's Rooms" by Drake. She even tossed in a throwback of SWV's "Weak" that had the crowd swaying and singing right along with every word. Honestly, it was like everyone in attendance was a super fan because there were hardly any moments where they weren't singing along!

JoJo left everything on the stage, and the crowd was more than grateful and satisfied beyond belief by the night's performance. Everyone definitely got their money's worth and then some, so if you're up for a wild night, be sure to check out the tour dates for one in your town...YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!




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