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Photos by: Samantha Madnick

Words by: Rudy Flores

A little less than a year has gone by since the once dishwasher turned "American Almost" Alejandro Aranda graced TV screens and won most of America over with his loveable awkwardness and incredible talent. The 25 year old Pamona, CA native with the odd a.k.a. of "Scary Pool Party" has since had a whirlwind of success. Most notably having May 19th named after him in his hometown, performing at Lollapalooza, Life is Beautiful, and the famous Austin City Limits, not to mention being chosen to be a supporting act on the upcoming Dave Matthews/ Tim Reynolds tour hitting Mexico this February....but enough wikipedia notes let's get to the show... As the rain smacked the pavement outside of San Diego's House of Blues Tuesday night, fans gathered in two VERY long lines anxiously awaiting their chance to fill the floor by the mainstage. The staff even mentioned how some where there since noon that day so they wouldn't miss their chance to be first in line. After finding a spot amongst the "VIPs" and those that could "Pass the Line" a sold out crowd waited patiently for "SPP" to hit the stage and show everyone the talent that catapulted him into everyone's heart. With the light's dimming and the crowd going nuts the show begins to start and what came on stage was something casual listeners of Alejandro would never have expected. That sweet, awkward kid with the shy smile we saw back on season 17 was nowhere to be seen. Instead was a seemingly seasoned professional in the trade. SPP wasn't singing any of the poppy sweet songs we saw him twist up during the idol season. He was doing what took him so far during that show which was performing amazing originals off his 2019 debut album "Exit Form" out November 22nd from Hollywood Records. The crowd was fully engaged from the moment Alejandro and his band stepped on stage and stayed locked on him throughout every one of his heart felt performances. Delivering each song with 110% energy he commanded the audience and had complete control of the stage. His dance moves and occasional headbanging definitely let everyone know that he had broken completely free from any shackles American Idol may have had him in. Which to be honest didn't seem like many as he performed 7 of his own songs on the show....something other contestants had only tried (most failing) during their audition process. Aljandro managed to stay very true to what he has let us see as his style. The only way that style can really be described is as an "emo/folk" mashup. Beautiful melodies, lyrical masterpieces (much needed in these days) and expert musicianship on not only his part but his bandmates as well. Without a doubt this show was an experience that no one should miss. There is only one stipulation for attending.... BE READY TO HAVE A GREAT TIME AND HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN!!! It will leave you complete, satisfied, and yet somehow wanting. Check online for tour dates and click here for info on the upcoming album.

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