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Marianas Trench

Photos taken by: Samantha Madnick

Words by: Rudy Flores

The house was packed Sunday night at San Diego's House of Blues as fans filled the main stage floor for Marianas Trench and the "Suspending Gravity" Tour. DJ George Thoms turned the show into a mini EMO NIGHT, spinning everything from Billie Eilish to Queen to....The Backstreet Boys?! The crowd loved every second of it and sang along as if they were following a bouncing ball on a prompter. As soon As George left the stage The Unlikely Candidates hopped on and quickly jumped right in. They got the crowd going as lead singer Kyle Morris and his amazing red blazer serenaded the crowd with songs from their "Bed of Liars" LP which was released in 2017 off of Another Century's label. After a few songs in the guys from Mariana's Trench came out to do an "end of tour shot" as Sunday night's show was the last stop on the tour. As most bands do they ended the set with their newest single 2019's "Novocaine" to thunderous applause. The lights went out and the crowd started screaming...a telltale sign that Marianas Trench were about to hit the stage. Highway to Hell by AC/DC played as the stage was lit entirely in red. Then what appeared to be clips from "The Woman in Black" played cryptically as the band readied to walk on stage to an already insane crowd. They started their set with an amazing harmony of "Elenora" off their March 1st album release "Phantoms" which is the fifth studio release from the Canadian based band from 604 Records in collaboration with Interscope International. Josh Ramsey controlled not only the crowd but the band as they sang with harmonies reminiscent of what could only be described as a pop rock Boyz 2 Men mixed with Queen. When they jumped into "Only the Lonely Survive" the audience sang the song as though it was written just for them. Which should be the desired effect for every songwriter. The stunning visuals as well as their catchy in the best way songs had everyone "Stutter"ing....sorry had to. Ending the night with "Fallout" they definitely left it all on stage and the crowd wanting more but satisfied at the same time! Definitely a great night of music!

Marianas Trench:

The Unlikely Candidates:

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