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Do you like intimate concerts at unlikely venues that include crowd walking, crowd RAFTING, and even a Backstreet Boys cover? Well then last Friday night at The Irenic in North Park, San Diego is where you could have had all those things and more as Set It Off did just that! They turned this church/music venue into a full on Orchestral/Pop/Punk (as they like to call themselves) Extravaganza!  Screaming fans rushed the stage for an up close and personal concert experience, belting out every word as if they were all a part of the band and you could tell the kind of impact the foursome from Tampa made. The stuffy church was the 4th stop on their "Killer in the Mirror" Tour, named after their newest single out now on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon.  As frontman Cody Carson hit the stage donning his deep blue hair do, he greeted his fans thanking them for their support throughout the years, apologizing for their absence and giving them something to look forward to as he spoke of tons of new music on the horizon. This pleased the masses to no end!  They of course played some of their better known tracks, but the highlight of the night had to be when they covered a boy band "classic" from the Backstreet Boys called EVERYBODY, giving it the Pop/Punk treatment! This got the crowd riled up as the overall energy went into overdrive. Later following it up with a sick medley of of hits that hyped up the old fans and gave new ones a taste of where this band had been.  Here's a quick look at the night's setlist: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Killer In The Mirror The Haunting Duality N.M.E. Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (Backstreet Boys cover) (Bridge Cut of NME) Uncontainable Bleak December Life Afraid Wild, Wild World Bad Guy Ancient History Kill the Lights Hypnotized Encore: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / I'd Rather Drown / Horrible Kids / Nightmare / Swan Song / Admit It / Partners In Crime Why Worry As the show came to an end the crowd was that perfect mix of satisfied, happy, sad, and still wanting more. They could've listened all night and Set It Off could've played forever but it was that time again to pack up and journey to the next venue. So they said their goodbyes, tossed out drumsticks and left the stage to rock another day. This tour is definitely not one to be passed up and with so many more shows to go you'd have to try pretty hard to miss it! So head over to their website ASAP to find out when the "Killer in the Mirror" tour will be at a venue near you!



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Photos taken by: Samantha Madnick

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